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Alien in the Mirror - Randall Fitzgerald

Alien in the Mirror

Alien in the Mirror
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For independent-minded readers, those who want all of the theories and supporting evidence about alien visitation to make up their own minds, Alien in the Mirror brings refreshing clarity and sanity to a topic long shrouded in smoke and mirror confusion.  
Encyclopedic in its scope and mind-expandingly rich in its detail, this book is destined to be a classic, written by an investigative reporter who has studied the alien contact phenomenon for over five decades. 
All aspects of this controversial subject are comprehensively covered—ancient astronaut theories, UFOs and UFO occupants, contactees and abductees, the ideas of skeptics and debunkers, and the SETI science program and its detractors. Each of the five sections open with new findings and stunning revelations from the author’s own thorough investigations.
Alien in the Mirror is quite literally hundreds of books condensed into one. It represents the most authoritative and complete guide ever compiled to the realm of extraterrestrial contact, theories and evidence. It presents a fascinating definitive history of the phenomenon, giving readers objective and essential information that challenges us to reexamine what we think we know about our consensus reality. Whether you are already a seasoned researcher, or someone new to the field and searching for the best resources, this book provides an essential summary of the entire history of this subject. 
As the legendary theorist and scientist Jacques F. Vallée wrote in his Foreword to Alien in the Mirror: “This book will stand as testimony to a well-traveled road of investigation and wonder. We should acknowledge it with gratitude, not only for its neat classification of complex events, but for the hope it gives us of a long-delayed, much welcome re-awakening of the true spirit of science after seventy years of slumber.”

April 1, 2022