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Author of The Tao of Intuitive Luck
Cosmic Test Tube - Randall Fitzgerald

Cosmic Test Tube

Cosmic Test Tube
Extraterrestrial Contact, Theories & Evidence
Published by Moon Lake Media
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Are we specimens in a cosmic test tube? 
Is there a government cover-up? 
Are we being prepared for Alien contact? 
It's all here: The only book that brings together the major viewpoints, theories, and evidence - pro and con - on the controversial subject of alien visitation. 
All the seminal works in this field are included, giving you the broadest range of perspectives ever compiled on ancient astronaut theories, UFO sightings, contacts and abductions, challenges posed by debunkers, and the scientific search for other life (SETI). So you can make up your own mind. 
As you explore the ideas of Carl Sagan, Zecharia Sitchin, Carl Jung, Whitley Strieber, Budd Hopkins, and dozens more, you'll get the most objective approach anywhere to what happened at Roswell in 1947, the mystery behind crop circles, artifacts left by ancient astronauts, cattle mutilations, the possibility of alien structures on Mars, and accounts of human abductions. 
COSMIC TEST TUBE is a must read book for anyone wanting a complete guide to the strange universe of extraterrestrial contact, theories, and evidence.

978-0963916129 | May 1, 1998